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In today's competitive market, the successful business needs to focus on all aspects of profitability. Growth, costs, efficiency, and quality are just some of the concerns business leaders struggle with. Sometimes you need a valued partner to help. At Blue Chip Financial, we provide businesses like yours with an array of financial solutions to meet your changing needs.



What sets Blue Chip Financial Apart?

In the current economic environment, many collection agencies have been forced to continually increase staff to accommodate the dramatic increase in delinquent accounts in all industries. To meet these immediate needs of the company, they have often been forced to hire unseasoned collectors who will be less productive throughout the training process, and ultimately resulting in lower recovery dollars. To compensate for the deficiency in collection efforts, companies have been forced to rely more heavily on technology than the personal interaction between a collector and borrower, which has proven to have better results.


Why Blue Chip Financial?

Blue Chip Financial is committed to employing seasoned collectors who understand their approach with a borrower must be as unique as the borrower they are working with. Using the latest technology to support the efforts of our collectors we will personally touch every account every day to maximize the amount of recovery dollars on every account. We will never sacrifice our service levels or risk diminishing returns for our clients by adding additional accounts without having the appropriate number of seasoned collectors. Our clients appreciate the high level of communication we provide, keeping them informed of our progress on a regular basis. In addition to our personalized approach to account management, we offer 24/7 access to portfolio performance data through our proprietary online tools.

Are you ready to partner with a company who is as vested in your collection efforts as you are?  One who will give your accounts the personalized attention they deserve?  Only then, are you ready for Blue Chip Financial to contribute to your bottom line.